Sunday, October 18, 2015

Seven Nights

Added some last-minute vintage-style honeycomb decorations, full-base Beasties, to the Bindlegoods shoppe (which closes for the holiday this Friday night October 23rd). Below are photos of this just-added variation, smaller-run of twenty sets. Note also that a couple of last year'sSpooklights shades (mostly sold out as of this writing) will likely be the last with that particular imagery. Happy Hallowe'en!

Four characters - black cat, scarecrow, witch, and devil with honeycomb tissue paper on the shelf with leaves and an old crate.

Close-up of small-edition run by Bindlegrim of Halloween paper decorations created for the Halloween Trunk Show 10.

Bindlegrim tissue paper and diecut decoration in a vintage-style for Halloween 2015.

Black cat up a black glitter tree - a vintage-style paper decoration for Halloween 2015.

Photo of Halloween olde style paper decoration features a witch with her broom and a full honeycomb base.

Leaves and orange tissue paper in a crate offer a nesting place for Halloween decor in olde world style by Bindlegrim.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Blood Moon Assembly

The assembly - a gathering of like minds under the harvest blood moon...

shot of the studio as characters are assembled for the Halloween season to be shipped from the Bindlegoods store.

Another reason why I enjoy making Bindlegrim's Bindlegoods... Sometimes I imagine this must be what the shelves of the old, early-century warehouses must have looked like as they prepared paper goods (in rows upon rows) to ship out for the season...

A large collection of limited-edition Halloween characters getting ready to ship for the 2015 season.Bindlegrim's vintage-style honeycomb characters shown here in the studio on the night of harvest blood moon.

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Cottage Industry of One Spook

Getting ready here at Bindlegrim's studio for Halloween Trunk Show 10 in Denver!

Like an old game board, graphic for the 10th annual Halloween art and craft show in Denver.

Although Bindlegrim's art/design objects utilize many processes reminiscent of larger scale production (printing, die-cutting, etc)... there is still the manual assembly (and signing) of these limited-edition Beastie (final product shown here). Somehow after all the time spent creating the art... I conveniently forget about the impending assembly. None of this is made in China. This is, as mentioned perhaps previously, a one-spook operation. Many hours yet to go!

Here are some quick photos of the process of multiples... 

A selection of photos of the vintage-style art production by holiday artist Bindlegrim.

Vintage-style diecuts by Bindlegrim in the studio ready to become honeycomb table decorations.

Vintage-style art and design by holiday artist Bindlegrim utilizes printing and diecut processes.

Work in progress, limited-edition art objects of Halloween kitsch by Bindlegrim.

Shown as works in progress in the studio, parts of future party decorations by holiday artist Bindlegrim.

Vintage-style art by Bindlegrim uses orange and black parts, shown here in the studio, ready to become table decorations.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Beastly Bookshelf

Can you name at least 13 book titles (and their respective authors) off this shelf? If so, you might want to visit the Bindlegrim facebook page --- find where this photo is posted and comment your guesses...  (Update - this picture puzzle was solved on the Bindlegrim facebook page... and the key has also been posted here, below the photo). 

Honeycomb decorations (witch, scarecrow, black cat, and devil) on a shelf with various creepy and spooky books.

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